What is Floating?

Floating is One of the Most Effective Methods for

Stress Relief and Relaxation.

Floating, AKA sensory deprivation, is the process of laying on top of 10 inches of salt water, removing all external stimulation and allowing your body to enter into a state of deep, healing meditation. The float pod offers a place where there is no interruption from sounds, sights, or feelings making it easier to enter a state of mental and physical rest.

Floating leaves you feeling rested, relaxed, restored and so much more. Not only is Floating healing for your mind and spirit, but it is also great for your body.

For Relaxation

Sensory deprivation tanks help induce a deep state of relaxation by turning down the body’s “fight or flight” stress response. Evoking a natural relaxation response is considered an effective remedy for stress-related symptoms because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, while at the same time decreasing activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Essentially, floating helps lower cortisol levels and calm the nervous system, bringing the immune and hormonal systems back into balance.

For the Body

The extreme buoyancy that individuals experience when floating is like experiencing anti-gravity. This allows those with joint or muscle pain much needed relief that they cannot get otherwise.

When you finish, immediate benefits include soft skin, relaxed body, calm mind and an increased sense of well-being. For the next day or so you’ll likely notice a reduction of pain and inflammation, and an exceptional night’s sleep. A practice of floating will increase these effects and allow them to sustain longer, providing consistent benefits.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, the salt in the float pod does not dry out the skin or accelerate aging. Many people say their skin feels soft afterward and some even report it helps with skin conditions like body acne.

For the Mind

The first few floats might be a challenge as you work hard to quiet your mind. Some people may feel uneasy at first, so we have calming light options that can be turned off to allow new floaters to get comfortable during the first few minutes of their float. There is also an option to have relaxing music played during part or all of your float.

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Mindful Floats offers services in the northern Wisconsin area including: Manitowish Waters, Minocqua, Woodruff, Boulder Junction, Park Falls, Mercer, Eagle River, Rhinelander, and more! Also, Floating can impact your body the same way that physical therapy, massage therapy and spas do. Therefore, by relaxing your body and your mind you will feel pain relief and mental clarity. Additionally, looking for a massage therapist? book a float! Likewise, looking for a physical therapist? book a float! Similarly, looking for a spa? Book a float! In addition, book a float to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, high levels of cortisol, negative mood, procrastinating, issues concentrating, or unproductive issues